Nourishing Families, Cultivating Community: Two Heartwarming Customer Stories

In the heart of our community, Virginia Community Food Connections (VCFC) continues to listen to stories of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of nutritious choices. VCFC has a mission to connect the community to fresh, local, and whole foods with a vision to make nutritional food accessible and affordable for all. Today, we’re delighted to share two inspiring customer stories from 2023 illuminating our programs’ impact on families in need.

Jenny – A Mom of Three Advocating for Nutritious Choices
Jenny, a devoted mother to three young ones aged 2 to 10, is no stranger to the challenges of balancing a tight budget while ensuring her family enjoys a diet rich in fresh produce.
Depending on WIC benefits for essential support, Jenny has been a long-time market shopper, navigating the aisles with a keen eye for wholesome options. During a routine clinic visit, Jenny discovered the $15 WIC Veggie Vouchers, a revelation that brought immense joy. With just $25 per month allocated for produce, these vouchers became a lifeline for Jenny’s family. As a strong advocate for nutritious choices, Jenny takes pride in providing fresh fruits and vegetables for her children, offering a healthy alternative amidst the sea of fast-food options.

Beyond her household, Jenny emphasizes the program’s broader impact on local businesses and farmers. She expresses heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging that the WIC Veggie Voucher Program profoundly affects numerous families facing similar challenges.

Taylor – Finding Vital Support for a Family of Six

Taylor, a resilient mother managing a family of six, is a testament to the vital support provided by Virginia Fresh Match and WIC Veggie Vouchers. With careful planning and budgeting, Taylor and her family obtain non-produced items at Walmart before heading to the farmers market.

For Taylor, the priority is clear – allocating WIC Veggie Vouchers and tokens to ensure her children enjoy a variety of fruits they love. Grateful for the programs that make this possible, Taylor notes, “Without this program, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.” In a time of rising costs, these initiatives have become necessary for Taylor to provide nutritious options for her family.

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