VCFC’s 2023 Program Success

In 2023, VCFC distributed $308,702 in SNAP and Virginia Fresh Match combined and $24,945 in WIC Veggie Vouchers. These numbers underscore our commitment to supporting families in need, ensuring access to fresh, local, and whole foods, fostering a healthier, more resilient community.

The heartfelt stories of Jenny and Taylor, coupled with VCFC’s impactful distribution totals, reflect our organization’s profound impact on families within our community.

Through the WIC Veggie Vouchers and the SNAP and Virginia Fresh Match Program, we continue to foster a culture of health, resilience, and community support. As we celebrate these stories and our collective achievements, remember that every donation and every contribution plays a crucial role in nourishing families and cultivating a more robust, healthier community.
Together, we make a difference, one nutritious choice at a time.

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